Friday, October 10, 2014

Edge Effect

In the natural world, at the place where grasslands merge into forests or where the shore melds into the oceans or other places where two ecosystems meet, diversity and abundance seem to flourish.  This is known as edge effect

An online dictionary defines edge effect this way:
The influence that two ecological communities have on each other along the boundary that separates them. Because such an area contains habitats common to both communities as well as others unique to the transition zone itself, the edge effect is typically characterized by greater species diversity and population density than occur in either of the individual communities.
In living systems, profound creativity takes place on the edges—where ocean meets shore, in estuaries, where grasslands meet forest edge, in wetlands and tidal pools, along streambanks and in the top few inches of soil. 

Why is this?  What can we learn from the edges?

Edges are a place where different elements meet.  In human systems, these might be differing points of view, cultures, lifestyles or ideas.

Edges are a place of transition—where one mode or way of being meets another.  It is neither one nor the other, but an in-between transitional place.

Greater edge provides a greater surface area, therefore offering a place for productivity, increased relationship opportunities, more places to create and work and evolve.

Edges are a place of creative tension and risk.  In our personal inner world, the edges are the places of discomfort and often are that “creative edge” where we experience the most personal growth. 

Our edges can be chaotic and unsettled—where the old and familiar is no longer a possibility but where a new harmony and balance has yet to emerge.

In our communities, the greatest creativity takes place where edges are being explored—coastal cities have more cultural interaction so something new emerges that isolated cultures could not have produced on their own. To make something happen in business, an entrepreneur must ”jump off the edge”—take a risk to follow a dream or learn a new skill. 

It helps to observe and notice the “edges” in our communities, our endeavors and in our lives and cultivate a deeper awareness of the gifts present there.

Where are the edges in your life or work?
What risk must you take to follow your dream?

Discovering Your Heart Voice---coming soon

Loretta’s book--Discovering Your Heart Voice: Ten Simple, Grounded Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom will be published on Amazon soon. 
If you would like advanced notice of when it goes online and when the "free download days" are happening, you can either follow us here on or join the  Growing Edge community 

Monday, October 06, 2014


Sun, my sail and moon, my rudder,
As I ply the starry sea,
Leaning over the edge in wonder,
Casting questions into the deep.
Drifting here with my ship's companions,
All we kindred pilgrim souls,
Making our way by the lights of the heavens,
In our beautiful blue boat home.

--Peter Mayer, Blue Boat Home

A few years ago, our local Lake County Board of Supervisors issued a proclamation in support of the International Charter for Compassion in order to draw attention to the fact that we are all one community.   How we treat each other matters to the quality of our life together.  As our community concludes another season of political campaigning, cultivating compassion is as important as ever. 

As I see it, we need to ask ourselves in our deeds and in our language: What are we teaching our children about what it means to be human?    Compassion is not weakness—it is, in fact, a decision to connect and relate with our fellow sojourners, both human and non-human, and in the process  engage in the positive transformation of ourselves and our world.  Compassion may be one of the more powerful ways we transform our world for the better: it allows us to see things from another point of view and it is one means by which we can live our positive intentions. 

Cultivating compassion starts with self-compassion: understanding what motivates us, suspending self-judgment and negative self-talk, and allowing ourselves to be present to whatever we are experiencing in the moment.   The act of noticing, of paying attention and of experiencing gives us the information we need to make decisions and choices about where to spend our energies. This ultimately leads us to take action that transforms our own internal structures and, in doing so, the world around us.   Compassion is a gift, and thus both to offer and to receive compassion is a blessing.   Paradoxically, by cultivating compassion, we also experience the pain of our world and the pain of others while at the same time living life more fully.

Cultivating compassion, as a practice, creates the conditions for positive change in our own lives.   The decision to cultivate compassion, and the powerful practice of noticing but not judging, in itself creates good benefit. 

Many communities around the globe are endorsing the International Charter for Compassion as a way to bring awareness to their own community and promoting the cultivation of community compassion through action.  The Charter for Compassion is a worldwide effort launched by noted religious scholar Karen Armstrong and elaborated in her book Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.  The Charter for Compassion document, now translated into more than 30 languages, transcends religious, ideological and national difference, and is supported by many leading thinkers from many spiritual traditions.  From the Charter:

“We urgently need to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. Rooted in a principled determination to transcend selfishness, compassion can break down political, dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries. Born of our deep interdependence, compassion is essential to human relationships and to a fulfilled humanity. It is the path to enlightenment, and indispensible to the creation of a just economy and a peaceful global community.”
The full text of the Charter for Compassion is well worth reading and can be online at  

…The wide universe is the ocean I travel,
And the Earth is my blue boat home.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Hero's Journey

In honor of the group of brave and dedicated souls that will set sail on The Spiritpreneur's Journey in September.... our version of the Hero's Journey:


Thursday, August 07, 2014

Permaculture Marketing

Two years ago, I attended a business retreat with George Kao and it was a life-changer--by far the most transformational business event I have ever attended, bar none.  I was so excited about it that I decided to convince George, renowned social media marketer-"Spiritpreneur", along with shadow-master Katie Curtin, to activate that powerful magic at least once more.

So next month, George, Katie and I are co-hosting "Spiritpreneurs," an intimate mastermind retreat that will take place in Northern California from September 12-14, 2014.  The event is for conscious entrepreneurs and innovators who are seeking an authentic business model and inspired, true-to-the-soul, marketing.  If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, go deep into your heart and work on your true livelihood, then this event is for you.

I realize that you probably have a lot going on, but if you want a truly life-changing intensive I urge you to join us.  Together we will explore generative, inspired business models--ones that I believe can transform commerce over the next few years. The best part: you'll discover magic within YOU that can light your way forward.

I know , because it happened to me.

It is going to be an amazing, bonding, and powerful experience for sure.  Come join us and other select "Spiritpreneurs" to build a plan for your own true livelihood business.  Apply here:

Monday, July 07, 2014

Day 1 of the Hero's Journey Summer Book Adventure

So... the Hero's Journey Summer Book Adventure begins and I enter into the unknown world ...

As a first step, I need to recommit to my rhythmic structure.  it helps me stay focused, productive, and allows my creativity to emerge as the psyche/muse does its magic. 

So I started this morning.  As it turns out, I wasted 20 minutes looking for that nearly-blank journal for my morning pages and ended up cleaning off my desk instead of getting started. (just noticing, and trying not to judge) So my first morning page entry is doing double duty as this blog entry... with my musings about the importance of rhythmic structure.

Rhythmic structure is important.

For me, I need to start with elements that calm my mind chatter... with 30 minutes of meditation and at least two binder-size pages of stream-of-consciousness writing, though I realize Julia Cameron of The Artist's Way suggest 3 pages.  (It's my structure, I can do what I need to. )

Here is what I am putting in place as a daily structure:

  • Wake up early, have a cup of tea
  • Meditate 30 min
  • Exercise--movement every day, vigorous exercise 4 days/week  (30 min)
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Morning pages
  • 1 hour of working on this program and my book
  • break., shower etc
  • Go to work.

I need to arise at 5:00 am to get all this in.  That means bed at 9pm.
  *sigh*  no more strolling around facebook until 11pm.

Thoughts on resistance...
If you haven't read it, Stephen Pressfield's The War of Art is a very good read about overcoming resistance in doing ones work (in my case--writing).  Pressfield comes at it from a masculine perspective--with many "war" metaphors of course... but he has a point.

Resistance takes a variety of forms.  Perfectionism, the self critic, procrastination, distraction, worry about what others think, indecision....  it's all here.  He offers many strategies--including just persevering and putting in the time, whether or not it turns out to be a productive day.  We are here to do our work.  Do the work.  That's what pro's do.  (I assume that you need to "go pro" if you expect someone to pay you for what you write.)

Rhythmic structure is vital strategy for me in overcoming resistance and getting quality writing out into the world

That said, there is a more feminine approach to creativity--it is more like cultivating a garden.  I start by preparing the soil and then I plant seeds...  and then I feed what I want to grow.

Rhythmic structure is preparing the soil, pure and simple.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Writing a Book this Summer?

I am undertaking a new initiative with life design coach Katie Curtin this summer.

Katie (founder of the Creativity Cafe) and I are each writing and self-publishing our next books in the coming weeks and we plan to invite a select small group to join us and do the same.  
Together, we will get our books written, finished, published and ranked in their categories on Amazon Kindle.  In the process, we will take a select group of people each by the hand and walk them through getting their own book done --  step by step, with built-in accountability.  We will cover the entire process: from breaking through writer's block, procrastination and visibility issues to FINALLY getting the book finished, to creating a great in-demand book cover and title, to putting in place the systems and strategies for self-publishing and ranking the book on Amazon.

Why did Katie and I decide to work together on this?  Simple: we discovered that we each bring a complementary gift to the process:
  • I bring the structural, systems and tactical steps--basically the same approach that I used to publish Tending the Soul's Garden with great results(my book was ranked the number one permaculture book for weeks--even above those who invented permaculture!)   
  • Katie brings what's needed to actually get the book finished--accountability, coaching and energy healing.  If you have a book that you just cannot seem to get done, working with Katie can change all that. 
In June, Katie and I will be accepting applications and interviewing candidates for this program.  (We only want people who are serious about doing the work, and whose books offer a positive contribution).

But before we send out more details, we would love to hear from you:

1)  Do you have a book you want to write or have partially written? What's the topic?

2) What's the #1 reason getting in the way of you going forward with this book project?

3) Which  of the following topics would be of most importance to you?

-- structuring the content so it is clear to the reader (and so it will sell)
-- ensuring that you write in "your voice"
-- getting it done- writers block/procrastination
-- publishing your book on Amazon
-- marketing it and getting it ranked as a bestseller in its category
-- how to leverage the book into other revenue and outreach opportunities
-- fears about visibility and putting yourself out there
-- How to promote the book in a way that suits your personality and style

We'd really love to hear from you. Just contact us and tell us what's getting in your way, and what you'd like to know more about.



Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Growing Edge: Rhythm

It has been a couple of months since we connected with you via Growing Edge, and we now return to our farm rhythm. So much has happened these past weeks--we can't wait to share!
In this issue of Growing Edge, we highlight the power of rhythmic structure to release creativity and flow in our lives and work.  Loretta shares her transformative experience of putting structure in place and Denise offers insights from the garden leading to greater focus and abundance.
Both of us have been speaking at events (both live and virtually) on the topic of the inner work of spiritual entrepreneurship.  We share these details below along with access to a new program offered by our friend and colleague JoAnn Saccato  (including a way to get a free copy of her book for a limited time).  Also, don't miss the May Day SPECIAL discount for the Big Why telesummit package--Denise's series for taking your own work to the next level.

This edition of Growing Edge is all about rhythm--and we must say It is good to be back in the seasonal and daily cycles that sustain us.
Denise and Loretta
Rhythm - Routine - Release
By Loretta

LorettaUnlike other years of multiple resolutions, for me 2014 began with only one: to co-direct a twelve week deep grief recovery project with Dr. Jack Miller with all the energy and focus I could summon. This resolution has changed my life. It has given me a rhythm that is more than a routine and provided me with a channel for release on varied levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

It all began with my commitment to meditate, to exercise, to feel my feelings as fully as possible, and to express these feelings creatively in writing and in art. I was invited to journey with the participants in this project as they did the same and to help hold the container that protected us throughout this rite of initiation.   The project concluded with my being anointed a Ritual Elder at the final celebration on April 5th.

The ending was only a beginning.

During the last few weeks – back at home on the orchard - I have grown in my awareness of the power inherent in my staying within the rhythmic structure that I created during the project.  In the past, I have struggled to establish a strict routine… (e.g. walking every day at 7:00AM.)  Perhaps I thought that structure would limit my freedom.  I found the opposed to be true.    

What a difference it makes to prioritize my rhythmic structure each day.  I give myself time to do those things before other scheduled activities. For me, this includes twenty minutes of quiet meditation, a healthy breakfast, and a brisk walk or engaging in a needed farm chore. Yes, sometimes it means getting up very early, but the flow of energy throughout the day makes the early rising worthwhile.

Allowing time to write about strong feelings that rise up during the day is equally important.  A pad on my desk or by my bed for evening reflection helps me to capture those feelings and then schedule a time to sit and creatively express them in whatever medium appeals. For me, this is usually art paper and craypas (crayon and pastels combined that allows the blending of colors and shapes with one’s fingers)

Now, I am deeply convinced of the importance for all of us who are involved in the Great Work to create a rhythmic structure that sustains us in our endeavors.   Doing so has brought me to a place of deep peace and joy in my work. 
And what about you? Please share your story of creating a rhythm in your life with me at

Structure Creates Freedom
By Denise

Gardens require rhythm to grow: The daily rhythm of watering, weeding, Deniseharvesting--the weekly rhythm of reseeding and fertilizing,  the seasonal rhythms of selecting new seeds, mulching and composting, and the annual rhythm of planning and perhaps expanding.   In any garden, we co-create abundance by aligning with and participating in natural rhythmic cycles.
Rhythmic Structure
What is rhythmic structure?  It is one of the most powerful secrets to unlocking innovation, productivity and success, and , more importantly, a path to deeper joy in life.
I have noticed that through the simple activities of meditation, exercise and regularly scheduled creative time, a subtle change takes place within me, opening the door to possibility.  

At first, creating structure to be “creative” may seem counter-intuitive.  By keeping the big picture in mind, taking simple daily actions, and by bravely addressing barriers (especially difficult ones), we become free.  Structure gives us the freedom to follow our heart, apply our mind and feed our spirit... The path before is set by a deep internal awareness and aligned with our true purpose.
Rhythmic Structure is essentially soil building.  The results of a regular ritual or practice are that we not only create the conditions for success in our work, but we find joy and freedom in doing so.
The bottomline:  our psyche rewards rhythmic structure.  I find that keeping a rhythmic structure unleashes my creativity, dynamically creates the conditions for my success and most importantly, allows me to expand and grow with JOY.

Companioning the Sacred Journey Course
Our good friend JoAnn Saccato recently launched a 5-week course based on her best selling book, Companioning the Sacred Journey: A Guide to Creating a Compassionate Container for Your Spiritual Practice.  (Keep reading to see how you can receive the book for FREE!)
BookJoAnn is a gifted and talented, heart-based Spiritual/Life Coach, Reiki Master and mindfulness meditation teacher who lived ten years in chop wood, carry water fashion.  As her canine companion of 15 years, Shyla, passed, JoAnn reflects in the book on how she compassionately attended Shyla and herself through their heart rending parting.
JoAnn’s course focuses on three tools discussed in the book: journaling, mindfulness, and affirmations. (This course is definitely for you if you’re craving more authenticity, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and joy!)
The five-week courses include live sessions with JoAnn, online curriculum, a private online community, guided meditations and more. The tele-course version is perfect for those wanting to integrate these tools while immersed in life and begins May 20, 2014. A new in-person course begins May 22, 2014. Get full details HERE:
JoAnn is extending a $50 discount to our friends and their friends if you sign up by May 5th. (Just select the “Friends of Denise and Loretta” option during check out.)
JoAnn’s generosity touches our hearts in a big way. She alerted us that if you sign up for her email list, she’ll send you the details on how you can download her book for FREE!
Upcoming Events:

Special Invitation: Have you heard about the Summit “Innovative Change for Entrepreneurs”? Both Loretta and Denise have been invited to participate in this free virtual event with host Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers.  Discover how to be the Light or Leader in YOUR business, please join us and our fellow experts here.   
On May 20, 2014, Denise also speaking at Jenean Zunk's event "Own your Awesome"   The event is for entrepreneurs looking to overcome fear and self doubt.  Denise's topic is Audacious Mindset:  Essential Principles and Practices for the Conscious Entrepreneur
 By Denise

Setting a clear and powerful intention is like creating fertile soil.  This is where we begin if we want to create abundance.  

But what happens if we struggle to create an intention? What then?  Sometimes selecting a direction and beginning to take action helps… but more often, it simply results in a flurry of activity without result. How can I commit to creating a healthy “garden” if I have not decided what to plant or where to plant it?

If I am floundering, I find it is helpful to reset my intention to that of creating  fertile soil for my dream to emerge   I commit (or recommit!) to a daily rhythm and structure, and set time aside for carefree play, creativity and time to just be.  I observe natural forces around me and allow the energies within me to emerge.  These energies fuel my next step.
To explore this topic of intention in greater depth, I invite you to consider investing in The Big Why Telesummit series.

THE BIG WHY -- Special

The Big WhyUntil May 15th, we are offering $75 off the regular investment of $197 for the Big Why Telesummit premier series.   
The Big Why is an opportunity to learn from the most powerful storytellers and inspired entrepreneurs about what fuels their Great Work so you can better align with yours. 
These are some of my personal heroes and  all are inspirational leaders—I interview each one of them to dig in on their top strategies for how they:
--Align with their "Big Why"
--Overcome barriers
--Take their own work (and their clients) to the next level
--Challenge themselves to tell a new story

 --and much more.  (Of course, I share my own strategies too)
Discover how to unleash your potential, align with your purpose and take your own work to the next level.  You receive downloadable MP3s, transcripts and my own action sheets for each topic--plus you get valuable gifts from many of the speakers... everything you need to get the most out of the material.
You can get The Big Why premier package here:


Irrigation Weekend Part 2 - Expanse

No matter what, when it gets hot, we risk losing plants and trees.

The problem is that the irrigation systems cannot take a hard freeze... so we walk that delicate balance of waiting until the last minute and then getting the irrigation systems in place, repairing the left-in-place tubing from damage the season before (or from chickesn or freezing over the winter), replacing timer batteries, putting the systems back together, reprogramming the timers and testing everything.

Inevitably, it is a race against the clock on these volatile spring days.  Too cold, then too hot, and maybe a cold snap comes again.

The more we plant, the more difficult "irrigation weekend" has become.  I have now officially reached the limit for a one person operation--I'll need to train others in irrigation or risk losing perennials.

The lesson here?

Do not expand beyond your ability to put systems in place.  Really--it is that simple.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Irrigation Weekend.. part 1: organization

After many weeks away from farm life, I am re-entering gently.

The community that has formed here at Dancing TreePeople Farm has organized the greenhouse and barn tools and started the early spring seedlings.   I return in time to see the perennials drinking the last of the spring rain. 

It is time to set out the irrigation lines.

Being away for so long means that I do not know where anything is.  With a gentle spirit, I've spent the day poking through the barn, the toolshed, the garage, breezeway and one of the greenhouses to seek out the irrigation supplies I will need to get the plants water.

The plants are not seeing any water yet, but at least I know where everything is.  It is nice to be home.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Sauerkraut

I've posted some videos on how to make Sauerkraut at home here:

If you are interested in buying a fermentation crock like this one let us know and we will have potter Gregg Lindsley contact you.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Soulwork Adventures

Have you ever tired to solve a problem - a suduko puzzle? a relationship challenge? a choice between two good opportunities? Have you expended lots of time and energy to find an answer that eludes you? Only to step away from the trying so hard - to distract yourself with a totally different activity - and lo! the answer comes. This has happened to me so often.

The series of Soulwork Adventures that I will be posting here weekly are meant to be simple, grounded, enjoyable experiences that give us a way to step out of our "solution mind" into an "allowing mind". So acknowledge that you are trying to solve a problem, if possible let it go for now, and take time to engage in a Soulwork Adventure:

Sometimes our inner “season” can seem out of sync with the outer season. Snow can be falling and freezing winds can be whipping around us, yet our hearts are warm with anticipation and blossoming with hope. 
Create a symbol of your inner season this week. Find a small box – a brown lunch bag is fine. Decorate the outside of the box/bag with pictures and words that are expressions of the present season: summer, winter, spring, or fall. 
During the week gather pictures, write down words, and find trinkets that seem to match your inner season. What are you experiencing inside? For example, inside you is it: a summer of refreshment, an autumn of change, a winter of surrender, or a spring of blossoming? Each day place the pictures or words or trinkets in the decorated container. At the end of the week, empty them out and consider their meaning in your life at this time. Be present to the insights that arise and give thanks.

At the end of the week go back to the "problem" - any new insights? or is it still a puzzle? Even if there is still no solution in sight, how does it feel to have done the inner and outer season activity? Was it more beneficial than only focusing on the challenge being faced. I will post my answer next week - hope you do too.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Audacious PLan

Why is it that we need to "let go" before the seeds we plant will grow? Dancing TreePeople Farm ( is no longer for sale. The Universe presented us with a solution that brought tears to my eyes because it perfectly matched my decade-old dream of a transformational intentional community. Two deaths in the family, and other misadventures led me to believe the dream would never happen, so after a decade of trying too hard... I let it go and decided to move on.   No sooner did the for sale sign go up than the possibility emerged. Now the sign has come down and community is forming with friends/brilliant changemakers. No doubt this little corner of the world will change the world. It is inevitable now. I am pinching myself.

It is time for the next phase of the Audacious Plan

Back by popular demand... a video Massey Burke and I created last year.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Yay... I created my first cartoon.  I'm offering a web class this Friday November 8, 2013.  Permaculture applied to business (overwhelm!)  and this is my first try at a cartoon video:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Inner farm work

I haven't been ill in a very long time... and this week I found myself with a raging sore throat, aches and other unpleasant symptoms.    I attribute this to a deeper internal transformation underway.  In my experience, my resistance is lower than usual to such influences when I am deeply open to change... 

Lucky me!  (really!)  I get the chance to just STOP, take care of myself and find my center.  In my weakened state, with gentle self-care, I am treated to a brilliant autumn display here at Dancing TreePeople Farm.  Armed with a few throat lozenges,  hot tea, and spiced with honey from our farm ---I let the sun warm my face, tend to my aching body.  How good it is to sink into the beauty of this place and allow it to heal me. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Whole Trip


The one word that best describes Loretta's and my journey across the USA to visit earth spirituality centers in tribute to her brother John.

I left California fancying myself a marginal farmer and came back realizing that what I have initiated at Dancing TreePeople farm has been amazing.  Now, my energies are drawing me to something new and yet unformed.

I am clear that I will not know what is next until I let go of what has been.

We need to put DancingTreePeople farm on the market and set an intention that someone will purchase it who can continue the transformation that was started here.  This decision has triggered the next whirlwind. In the weeks to come so much will happen.  Yet, I am at peace in the midst of it.

Dancing TreePeople Farm is a special place.  It has taught me to take things one step at a time, to be persistent and observant.  It has taught me that the universe is on my side, even though my vision might not be how things actually unfold.
It has taught me that each new cycle, each season is an opportunity for abundance and a change to try something new.  it has taught me to appreciate and value community and connection.

It has taught me that nature is powerful and fecund.

There will be a great deal of grief in letting go... for so much has taken place here and so much of my life's blood, my time, resources, hopes and dreams have been poured into this farm.   This place is special.  It is beautiful and alive.  It is rich beyond measure.

In the weeks ahead, it is my intention to share the wisdom of Dancing TreePeople Farm and the insights that I will take forward into what is to come.

Your Permaculture Soul,


Sunday, September 08, 2013

Home Sweet Home

As we drove into the driveway at 1445 Pitney Lane, we were greeted by three barking, exuberant, well-cared for dogs and their caretaker, Denise's sister Shelly. What a welcome! It is so good to be home. Unpacking, catching up, and entering back into the daily tasks feels so good.

Tonight I am looking forward to a good rest. Tomorrow, I may need to take one of the dogs to the vet - for a possible fox tail in her ear. Back to life as usual. How good! There is so much about the trip that I want to process and share. More in the days ahead.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

California, We Are Here!

"California or bust" has changed to "We made it!" Though not all the way to Upper Lake, we are finally back in California with one more day on the road to go! Today's trip was long and felt even  lo-o-onger as we traveled through the Mojave Desert toward Bakersfield. But there is so much beauty and diversity within the landscape, even when it seems to "look" the same, I watched the passing scenes with a deep sense of wonder!

John seemed to have had the same delight in the natural beauty that surrounded him. Among his many pictures (1000+) are scenes of waterfalls, cactus pocketed desert, barren trees, blossoming bushes, mountains, streams, deer, bears, elk, turtles, rabbits, and the list goes on. John had a photographer's eye and many of the pictures he took are striking, I am so grateful to have seen for myself some of the sights that caught his eye and imagination.

Before leaving for this tribute journey, I had removed John's photos from the albums where he had placed them in a somewhat random way. With some of the pictures I created an album to share at the memorial service. The rest ended up in a shoebox. Often as we have been driving home (and I have been the passenger) I would look at them and arrange them in categories. Most of the pictures are of the people who were part of John's life, but he also had photos of his truck parked in front of the places where he stopped to help, of the bedrooms where he stayed, and of the projects that he worked on. And, yes, of tables decorated for holidays and of food that was served. Each picture holds a memory. I am grateful to have them and to remember the stories that John shared about his life.

Taking it Easy

Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona...

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is an ecological design framework inspired by living systems. The ethics, root practices and principles in permaculture can be applied to the garden, the farm, and indeed any living system including human structures.